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Arrowwood Community School students entertain guests with a song during Leadership Day.

ARROWWOOD – Leadership Day was “show and tell” on a grand stage.

Family and friends were welcomed to Arrowwood Community School to share in some of the wonderful things students are achieving through their pursuit of leadership.

Leadership means different things to different people, and can be demonstrated in many ways.

“To me, being a leader means letting everyone play in your game,” says Grade 3 student Gage Kuntz. “If someone you didn’t really like asked if they could play your game with you, instead of saying ‘no,’ you could say, ‘yes, of course.’ “

Hannah Smith says leadership is all about being a role model and inspiration for others.

“I feel like I inspire people to do things I do, like play a lot of sports,” says the Grade 6 student. “I’m also the leader of the school events team and on the spirit team, and we organize events like Family Fun Night to raise school spirit and make everybody happy.”

The afternoon began with a rousing welcoming committee at the front doors of the kindergarten to Grade 9 school in Vulcan County. Students brought guests up to speed on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students, featured in The Leader in Me program, and provided them with a tour of classrooms to see projects based on those principles.

Smith was among students explaining Habit 7, “Sharpen the Saw.”

“To me it means just bringing balance to your life. Balancing school and play and being healthy and that kind of stuff,” she says.

Habit 6, “Synergize,” was a favourite of Kuntz, who likes working with others.

Arrowwood Community School is in its fourth year of The Leader in Me program.

Principal Rachelle Prud’Homme points out leadership is more than just words. There also needs to be action. All of the students belong to team committees, which tackle everything from changing school culture through student-led assemblies, and raising funds and awareness for global causes.

“Not only is there an understanding that they are part of this school and that they can change the school, but that they are really more involved in their learning and taking ownership and responsibility in their learning,” she says. “I’m just seeing a real energy towards that.”

All staff are also involved on team committees and Prud’Homme says that has created a greater sense of camaraderie and greater unity among the whole school population.

The Leader in Me program has been adopted by many schools across the Palliser division. Jennie Emery Elementary School in Coaldale will hold its Leadership Day on May 18, beginning 10:45 a.m.  An opening assembly will be followed by a come and go open house featuring a silent auction, leadership market and co-operative games.