Followup to Coaldale open house on May 8

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Palliser Regional Schools will hold another public meeting on its Coaldale school facilities planning process at 7 p.m., May 8 at Kate Andrews High School.

This will be a followup to a meeting held Jan. 31 at which the division shared utilization rates for each of the Palliser school buildings serving Coaldale and area, including Sunnyside School, and provided facility opportunities and challenges.

These meetings are part of a process of addressing space needs in some schools and the longer-term growth in the community. Any changes, such as grade reconfigurations, are anticipated for 2018-2019, at the earliest.

The May 8th gathering will be an opportunity for the division to share common themes from the feedback stakeholders provided and answers to questions posed by stakeholders during or after the Jan. 31st meeting.

The meeting is open to all who have an interest in Coaldale and area schools, including current and perspective parents at Sunnyside School, Jennie Emery Elementary, R.I. Baker Middle School, John Davidson School and Kate Andrews High School.

For copies of the information shared in January, please click here.