Hands-on safety lessons for Coaldale students

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School News

School resource officer Jerry Gurr shows some bike safety skills off to students at John Davidson School during Safety Day.

COALDALE - Some times it might seem like 'safety' and 'fun' don't necessarily go hand-in-hand for all children.

That wasn't the case at John Davidson School on this particular day. The Palliser school, which offers an alternative program for Low German-speaking Mennonite children in kindergarten to Grade 9, recently held a Safety Day.

Presenters from various community partners set up stations throughout the school to teach children about safety. Safety in the home, farm and community were all highlighted in the nine stations, which offered, fun, hands-on learning opportunities.

An session of sun safety featured not only information on sun block and wearing a hat, and students had the opportunity to build a bracelet or keychain out of special beads that can warn a wearer when the damaging UV rays are most present. A booth on environmental health included warning signs and proper handling of dangerous goods and chemicals. A session on hearing safety, put on the Alberta Farm Safety Program, saw students scream their loudest to see how high they could push the indicator on a sound level meter.