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Just a few extra minutes can mean the difference between life and death when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Properly cleaning that frost-covered windshield allows a driver to better see obstacles in front of them. Waiting patiently for the school bus to safely drop off its young passengers may mean an extra minute or two of travel time for that same driver.

Well worth the wait? Palliser Regional Schools certainly thinks so. That’s why we’re also asking the larger community to take just a few minutes to fill out a short survey regarding school bus safety.

The Student Transportation Association of Alberta (STAA) is embarking on initiatives to raise the awareness of the flashing red lights on school buses. In an effort to assist them in tracking the effects of the awareness campaign the organization’s Flashing Red Light Awareness Committee is surveying the public across Alberta to determine the level of awareness that currently exists.

The survey is offered in both English and French and will end Dec. 15. Here are the links to access the survey:

Those school buses carry the most precious cargo out there and Palliser has committed itself to making their trips to and from school as safe as possible. The division is in its fourth year of its Think of Us on the Bus campaign, a multifaceted safety program that includes public awareness, bus driver and student safety assemblies and partnership with law enforcement.

Leading the way is David Shaw, Palliser’s Transportation Services Supervisor. His efforts on behalf of Palliser have certainly been recognized. He recently attended a National Association for Pupil Transportation conference in the U.S. and was asked to speak about Palliser’s safety program as part of a ‘Superstars of Transportation’ event.