Hip hop artist inspires R.I. Baker students

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School News

Shaun Boothe poses for photographs with students and staff from R.I. Baker Middle School.

Shaun Boothe has immortalized the lives of such shining lights as Terry Fox, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali through his hip hop music videos.

He recently called on the students at R.I. Baker Middle School to create their own positive life story, one step at a time.

Boothe is an award-winning hip hop artist and creator of “The Unauthorized Biography Series,” which celebrates the world’s greatest cultural icons through biographical rap songs.

In addition to this documentary-style music videos, the Toronto native brings his “Live Your Legacy” speaker series to schools and college campuses across the country.  His mission is to empower, educate and inspire students to realize their greatest potential,; help foster a sense of purpose in the young leaders of tomorrow; and motivate students to character over reputation, fame and circumstances.

Jason Prebushewski , Principal of Pallisers’ Grades 5-8 school in Coaldale, says Boothe inspired students to realize the greatness they all have within them and live the life of their dreams.

Boothe’s presentation promotes literacy and creative expression, repackages history in an engaging format for students, and celebrates diversity.