Palliser Student, Keeson awarded Alberta Great Kids Award

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Palliser School Division would like to congratulate Palliser student Keeson S. for winning the Alberta Great Kids Award, presented by Calgary South MLA, Mike Ellis.  

Keeson is a student at Calgary Christian School who had serious medical challenges during his grade 7 year.  “I wasn’t able to leave the house for a very long time and I missed out on a lot of stuff”, says Keeson.  Instead of spending his time playing sports, being with friends, and studying like in previous years, he had to spend time in doctors' offices and often the hospital.  

Despite these challenges, Keeson amazed his teachers with his positive attitude and outlook when he could attend school.  One teacher, in particular, science teacher Tim Allison, took note and nominated him for the Alberta Great Kids Award.  This award is given to students who exemplify “resiliency, leadership, determination and strength”, which Allison says describes Keeson perfectly. 

Keeson's medical condition has improved greatly this year and he is back to enjoying the busy academic, athletic and social life he is used to.  His mother, Denise, was blown away by his academic achievement, despite missing so much school last year.  

She and Keeson both give a lot of credit to their school community for their support in this difficult time, “the whole staff were so supportive and his biggest cheerleaders.  Classmates came to visit and check on him the entire time” says Denise.  

Keeson has some advice for others going through challenges “Keep faith and keep a positive mindset.  Even if you’re having hard times try and be thankful”.