Lethbridge Hurricanes visit Sunnyside

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Three members of the Western Hockey League Lethbridge Hurricanes were special guests of Sunnyside School's Grade 3-4 class Wednesday, talking about the importance of reading in their lives.

Defencemen Griffin Foulk, Lenny Hackman and Macoy Erkamps spent the morning in teacher Ken Van Cleave’s class, talking about their own experiences reading and why it’s important in their lives. They also talked about the rigours of training, life with billet families and their continued studies in college.

They handed out copies of a hockey magazine and then spent time with the students talking about the books the students are reading.

Literacy is a focus in all Palliser schools. Sunnyside School, which serves early learning, kindergarten and Grade 1-6 students, is located  just minutes from north Lethbridge. The division has adopted a theme this year of “Today a Reader Tomorrow a Leader.”

Thank you to the Lethbridge Hurricanes for providing these reading role models to the students at Sunnyside.