Milo Marine Biology Trip

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Students from Milo Community School brought a little taste of nautical living to the Board of Trustees during their last meeting.  Freshly back from their Marine Biology Sailing trip, 4 students presented some highlights and learning from the trip. Twelve students and three parents flew to Vancouver and then set sail around the coast. The students had wonderful stories, facts, and anecdotes. They hiked, swam, sailed, and learned sailing navigation. They were able to get up close to many marine life species including seals, anemones, sea stars, and even saw an orca and her calf.

Students, staff, and the community of Milo worked incredibly hard fundraising for 3 years to support this trip, which is the first one since the pandemic. The hard work was well worth it though, the students said it was the trip of a lifetime, sparking their interest in the natural world and fortifying friendships with their fellow students. Here are some of their highlights: