Modulars arrive at Jennie Emery Elementary

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Mark Dyck and his sons, from left, Solomon, Benjamin and Elias, watch the smaller of the two modular units being moved into position.

Two modular classrooms arrived in Coaldale Thursday, and crews worked Friday to set them into position along the southeast side of Jennie Emery Elementary School. 

The heavy equipment and activity at the site attracted a number of observers, including several Jennie Emery students, who watched as the two units were manoeuvred into position.

The first unit to be moved was a 50-by-24-foot structure that has a classroom and hallway. The second unit measures 40-by-24-feet, serving as a second classroom, and aligned with the hallway of the first. Students will not have to venture outside to travel from the new classrooms to the rest of the school.

The arrival of the modulars was weeks ahead of schedule. Work will still need to be done to connect the modulars to services and then equip the classrooms for use. The classrooms were originally scheduled for student use by November. That completion date may happen earlier.

The Government of Alberta commitment to provide two modular classrooms to Palliser Regional Schools was announced in February during the school’s 20th birthday celebration. The expansion follows years of effort by Palliser to address a space crunch at the school which serves nearly 500 students from early learning and kindergarten through Grade 4. The school is also home to a before- and after-school program.

Last summer, the school received a $300,000 new roof.

The two modular classrooms allotted to Palliser were among about 130 modulars being provided to school jurisdictions across the province as Alberta deals with student space needs.

Watch a one-minute video of one of the modulars on the move.