New Learning Space at County Central High School

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Fall 2020 has seen some big changes for students and staff in all schools across the country but at County Central High School in Vulcan, there has been an amazing change to their building. Construction to rebuild the library began in the summer and the new Learning Commons opened to the students and staff earlier this month. Vice-Principal, Don Monts had this to say about the new space, "The Learning Commons is a tremendously welcome addition to County Central.  For many years, CCHS students have had no space to call their own, have had to eat lunch in the hallways, and use limited library space for study.  The new Commons area is big, bright, and inviting with plenty of light and a nice view of the outside thanks to the upgraded windows  There's a variety of choices for students to find a comfortable spot to their liking to sit and study, eat or just "hang out". The first week it was open the students were almost in disbelief that such a beautiful area was actually theirs to use!  Our hope is that the Commons is a constant hub of activity and that the culture of the school will be enhanced benefiting both students and staff at CCHS."