Noble Central student gets view from the top

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Student Summer de Kreek checks out Greg Rollingson’s desk in her role as Principal for the Day at Noble Central School.

NOBLEFORD – After spending a day as acting principal, Summer de Kreek knows the first thing she’d change at Noble Central School if she got the job for real.

“Make recesses longer,” offered up the Grade 5 student, who had the winning entry in the Principal for the Day draw at Palliser’s kindergarten to Grade 12 school.

That doesn’t mean Summer took her lofty position lightly. She and Greg Rollingson, who normally sits in the big chair at Noble Central, began by planning out their day. Summer was allowed to make one rule of the day and the prospect of ice cream for everyone or some other indulgence didn’t even enter her head.

“The rule was staying on task,” she said, adding she and Mr. Rollingson kept that in mind while making classroom supervision rounds. Summer provided immediate feedback for those students and teachers she felt were doing exceptional work.

“She even went above and beyond and gave hugs, which maybe I need to start doing a little more,” said Rollingson, with a chuckle. “Normally I’m just a handshake and high-five kind of guy.”

He hopes the first-time event will become an annual one. The school’s student leadership committee came up with the idea of the contest, where all students could enter the draw at a minimal cost. The money raised will go towards things like pep rallies and school assemblies and other special events to make Noble Central a fun place to learn.

At the end of the day Summer concluded the principal’s most important job is to make sure everyone is happy and has what they need. She knows it’s not all fun and games, though.

“He works hard,” she said of her mentor for the day.

Rollingson wanted to provide the winner with the chance to take part in some of the daily decision making that goes on. Summer provided input in a meeting with the Turkey Bingo committee, and leafed through a whole catalogue of options before she offered her choice for a change in team uniforms.

Her favourite perk of her day was a sneak peek at the $8-million modernization work going on at Noble Central School. While the construction zone is normally out of bounds for students, Summer can assure schoolmates they’ll be impressed.

“They’re doing really good,” she said of the renovations.

Although she enjoyed the one-time experience, Summer is more than happy to leave Mr. Rollingson in charge for the rest of her years at Noble Central School.

“He does really, really good,” she offered.