Online school principal to take on three outreach schools

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Palliser Regional Schools is pleased to announce Alison Hancox, Principal of Palliser Beyond Borders, has been appointed Principal of three Palliser Outreach Schools in Vulcan, Picture Butte and Coaldale (PASS+) commencing the 2014-15 school year. Teachers and support staff from these four schools will work with Alison to maintain strong professional relationships with the high schools in those communities and to build a vibrant high school teaching and learning community which integrates both online and onsite instruction under the umbrella of Palliser Beyond Borders, the division's online school.

Alison earned her undergraduate degree at Queens in 1980, Bachelor of Education degree in 1990 from the University of Toronto and her Masters of Education Technology in 2009 from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Alison’s online experience includes one year building Palliser Beyond Borders, the division's new online school, and 13 years of

experience with Edmonton Public School Division. Alison is certified in both Alberta and Ontario with classroom experience in all four divisions. Alison’s graduate research in online learning earned her recognition as a recipient of the Alberta and, Prime Minister’s Excellence in teaching awards, and an classroom Centre of Excellence. After earning the Deans’ award for academic excellence Alison was honored in 2011 by the Faculty of Education at her alma mater, University of Southern Queensland, Australia, as the Alumnus of the Year for the development and implementation of an innovative grade 1-9, project based, constructivist online learning environment. Last year Alison was recognized by the Alberta Council of School Leaders as one of the distinguished educational leaders in Alberta Schools.

Alison and her husband Chris have raised two student athletes; Jessie, a University of Alberta and Canadian national team volleyball player and Isaac, a UBC business student and mountain bike, cyclocross racer who competes on the Alberta and Canadian National team. Alison and Chris and their chihuahua, Abby, and shepherd, Scout, spend their summers canoeing northern Saskatchewan enjoying an unwired break and celebrating the joys of intensive parenting.

Alison is looking forward to her continued participation with the Administrative Association and the Superintendent’s Leadership team and welcomes the new and exciting challenges this new role provides. She is thrilled for the opportunity to continue to work with dedicated Palliser staff who are committed to student learning and a collaborative culture.