Palliser Beyond Borders Student Wins Mayor's Award

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Congratulations to Lev Zienchuck on winning the prestigious Lethbridge Mayor's Aspiring Artist Award for his exceptional origami creations! Lev is a dedicated student at Palliser Beyond Borders and is a shining example of how digital and home learning can nurture unique talents. His journey in the art of origami, a craft that requires immense patience and precision, has been wonderfully supported by the flexibility and resources available through Palliser Beyond Borders. 

Excitingly, Lev has used the prize money from the award to further his journey in origami. He recently attended a prestigious origami conference in San Francisco, a gathering of like-minded artists and enthusiasts where he could share ideas, learn new techniques, and be inspired. He also invested in high-quality origami paper for his future projects.

Lev's story is a testament to the power of passion-driven learning. The ability to manage his schedule and access a wide range of materials online has allowed Lev to delve deeper into the intricate world of origami, honing his skills to create awe-inspiring pieces. 

Lev's achievement shows that with dedication, creativity, and the right educational support, a passion can be transformed into an extraordinary accomplishment. 

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