Palliser Board requests review of operations

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Superintendent Kevin Gietz and Board Chair Colleen Deitz in the Jan. 12, 2016 regular board meeting.

The Board of Trustees of Palliser Regional Schools will request the Minister of Education provide oversight into an independent, external operational review of the school system in light of allegations online of a culture of fear.

Superintendent Kevin Gietz requested an independent review because the allegations are distracting staff from daily operations and a focus on students and student learning. The matter was added to the agenda of Tuesday’s regular meeting and was the first item dealt with in consideration of the urgency.

In a letter he provided the board, Gietz asked for the review to begin as quickly as possible. He said he is confident the review will affirm that the division’s work has been “in the best interest of our schools and our students.”

The Board of Trustees passed the motion unanimously.

Trustees discussed the importance of ensuring the independence and credibility of the process, as well as affirming the support of both the board and the superintendent for this review.

Secretary-Treasurer Wayne Braun compared the external review to an independent financial audit, a process led by external experts and submitting findings to the Board of Trustees. This review would take a broader look at the system’s operations.

Details of the review process will have to be determined in consultation with whoever is selected for their expertise in operational reviews. Once those details are determined, they will be made public.

To review a copy of the letter submitted to the Board of Trustees, click here.