Palliser bus driver receives life-saving award

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Arvid Thompson receives his Life-saving Award from Lt.-Gov. Lois E. Mitchell, at left, and John McDougall of St. John Ambulance.

It was probably one of Arvid Thompson’s quietest, business-related trips ever.

Thompson, who is more accustomed to chauffeuring a busload of boisterous Palliser Regional Schools students to and from school, took to the road for Edmonton and some provincial recognition earlier this summer.

The bus driver of more than 20 years was honoured for his quick thinking and calm demeanor on the job as one of 30 individuals who received the St. John Live-saving Award. The organization recognizes individuals, or groups of individuals, who have saved or attempted to save life, regardless of the risk, through the application of first aid knowledge and skills.

Thompson was the driver of a Palliser school bus which was clipped by another vehicle in 2017 and sent into the ditch. To view a follow-up story that ran on the Palliser Regional Schools’ website this past year, go to

Since 1883 St. John Ambulance has provided Canadians with comprehensive and state-of-the-art first aid and CPR training. To see more about the life-saving award and the recipients, go to the St. John Ambulance website, go to

Students return to class for a new school year in Palliser Sept. 4. We urge all drivers to take extra caution when approaching a school bus loading or unloading passengers on the side of the road. The school division’s ongoing “Think of Us on the Bus” safety campaign will be rolled out again later this summer. The multi-pronged approach is designed to make drivers think of those students on the bus, and the potential impact of their actions on those children.