Palliser considers change for review

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The Board of Trustees plan to press ahead with an independent, external review of Palliser Regional Schools operations with a change to the panel’s composition.

At a special board meeting Tuesday, trustees voted unanimously to proceed with the review under a two-member panel, rather than three as initially proposed. The board’s legal counsel has been directed to prepare final agreements for board review and consideration for approval at the May 24 regular meeting.

Superintendent Kevin Gietz had requested in January that the board approve an independent review of the school system in order to reduce distractions caused by a flurry of online allegations. The board agreed and formed a committee to come up with candidates for a three-person review panel.

In March that committee recommended three individuals, and the board approved a budget to cover the cost of their services plus expenses. Within days, however, it was determined the budget amount exceeded limits allowed under a provincial trade agreement without the matter being put up for public tender or a request for proposal.

The three candidates were then asked to resubmit their proposal so the total cost of the review would not exceed $74,999.99. Earlier this month the board announced that the three had declined to sign the service contracts presented to them.

Vice-Chair Robert Strauss was asked to contact the three potential review members to determine why they had declined to sign the service contracts presented to them.

On Tuesday, Chair Colleen Deitz said the board had conversations with two of the three review panel candidates and with legal counsel.  As a result, the board agreed to proceed with a two-member panel and change the terms of reference of the review to allow for that.

The names of the two reviewers will be released once the contracts are signed.