Palliser maintains outstanding achievement results

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Palliser Regional Schools’ students continue to perform at an exceptionally high level on Alberta’s standardized tests and in stakeholder satisfaction surveys, a testament to the division’s safe schools, caring staff and student-focused efforts, says Superintendent Kevin Gietz.

“Our results on provincial achievements tests for Grade 6 and 9 students and on high school diploma exams continue to reflect our high expectations for students, the hard work of our teachers and our ongoing efforts to strengthen student performance through literacy and assessment practices,” Gietz said.

Results released by Alberta Education Thursday show 28.9 per cent of Grade 6 and 9 students achieved the standard of excellence on their provincial achievement tests, compared to 18.8 per cent across the province. On diploma exams, 89.1 per cent of students achieved acceptable standard (passed), compared to 85.2 per cent provincewide.

In nearly every measure on the provincial accountability survey, Palliser continues to perform above provincial average, and stakeholders surveyed last winter, continue to give strong approval ratings to the division’s quality of programming and schools.

Gietz said the provincial data affirms what Palliser hears from stakeholders during its school review process and data collected from students using Fountas and Pinnell benchmark assessments of reading.

Among achievement highlights in 2014-2015:

  • A higher percentage of Palliser students achieved the acceptable standard and standard of excellence than provincially in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies in both Grade 6 and Grade 9 achievement tests;
  • About one in three students in Palliser achieved the standard of excellence in several exams, including Grade 6 English Language Arts (36%), Grade 6 Science (38.6%), Grade 6 Social Studies (33.4%), Chemistry 30 (34.2%) and Math 30-1 (29%).

According to surveys of students, staff and parents, 92.1 per cent agree that students are safe at school, are learning the importance of caring for others, are learning respect for others and are treated fairly at school. Similarly, 92.5 per cent of stakeholders expressed satisfaction with the quality of education being provided in their schools.

Eighty-eight per cent of parents and teachers also strongly agreed that Palliser students are taught attitudes and behaviours that will make them successful at work when they finish school. The survey of teachers, parents and students found 88.6 per cent are satisfied students model characteristics of active citizenship.

Gietz said sustaining these strong results is a never-ending process of building on Palliser’s strengths. The development of a student leadership conference last year, ongoing literacy support and the expansion of programs such as Leader in Me all serve to prepare students for life outside of school as engaged and productive citizens.

Palliser’s strong high school completion rate (85.5 per cent of students complete high school in three years) and low drop out rate are further indications of the value of programming being provided.

For the full Accountability Pillar summary released this week, please click here.