Palliser schools join forces for international trip

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Students at two of Palliser’s small high schools continued a long tradition of partnership by joining forces for an international trip during spring break.

Twenty-one students from Coalhurst High School and Noble Central School travelled together to six countries over a 12-day tour April 2-13.

Stops included Berlin (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Krakow (Poland), Bratislav (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria), and a harrowing tour through the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland.

Teachers Mike Saad of Coalhurst High and Phil Uren of Noble Central specifically designed the tour to supplement learning outcomes in the Social Studies 10, 20 and 30 curriculum.

Staff from Noble Central (teacher Justin Harper and educational assistant Brenda MacMillan) and Coalhurst High (librarian Kathryn Kot) joined Saad and Uren to supervise the trip, giving students an experience to remember as they visited the Berlin Wall, the Polish salt mines and Vienna Opera House.

The two schools have typically united for an international trip every two years. In 2013, the schools visited China; 2011 was France and Spain; and 2009, Greece and Turkey.