Palliser will not administer Grade 3 SLAs this year

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Palliser Regional Schools will not administer the Grade 3 Student Learning Assessments (SLAs) in any of its schools this year.

The decision was made following an announcement Monday by Alberta Education Deputy Minister Lorna Rosen that the SLAs would be optional for school jurisdictions.

Palliser Superintendent Kevin Gietz said the decision to opt out was based on feedback from Palliser teachers who participated in the SLAs last year, similar feedback from teachers across the province and a recommendation from Palliser’s C2 Committee on teacher efficacy and workload.

He said he would continue to monitor the piloting of SLAs this year and he looked forward to their refinement to make them a more effective tool for supporting student learning.

"Our division remains committed to assessment practices that inform our practice and data-based decision-making to improve learning but I have heard the valid concerns raised by our teachers about this particular assessment tool," Gietz said.

For more information on the SLAs, please visit the Alberta Education website.