Quick response contains small fire outside Calgary Christian Elementary

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Classes will go on Thursday as usual

The principal of Calgary Christian Elementary School is crediting an observant neighbour and speedy response by the Calgary Fire Department for containing a small fire outside the school Wednesday evening.

Harry Fritschy said someone who lives near the school noticed smoke coming from near the school and called 9-1-1 around 7:30 p.m. Fritschy said by the time he arrived just 20 minutes later, the fire department had the fire nearly extinguished.

The fire damaged an exterior storage area between a portable classroom that is part of Calgary Christian’s early learning program and the north gymnasium wall that is part of the main school building.  Snow fencing and piping were among items in the burned storage area.

Fire officials deemed both the air quality and the structure of the school completely safe for students and staff. Classes will go on as scheduled Thursday.

“We may be extremely grateful that the damage was minimal and no one was hurt,” Fritschy said.

There was some water damage in a gymnasium storage area as firefighters worked to ensure the fire didn’t enter the main building.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 

Calgary Christian Elementary School is located at 2839  49 Street S.W., Calgary, where it serves about 420 students from Grades 1 through 6 and nearly 60 children in the early learning program.