Retirement Announcement, Mike Thiesen, Area Director

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Congratulations and best wishes to Mike Thiesen, who will be retiring this August.  Mike joined Palliser School Division in 2016, moving to southern Alberta after being with Hanover School Division in Manitoba for more than two decades, fifteen years of which he spent as an Elementary School Principal. Mike was Principal at Calgary Christian Elementary School from 2016-2022, before becoming Area Director for the Calgary Region in August of 2022.  He has led with empathy and dedication to the students, staff, and families where he has served over the years, both as Principal and Area Director.  

Mike has always believed that site-based administrators have the unique opportunity and responsibility to use their roles as school leaders to benefit their respective communities and that a school should be evaluated by how it supports its students with the most challenges. His dedication to his role at Calgary Christian Elementary is evident through the strong Early Literacy, Early Numeracy, and English Language Learner programs he established that will continue to serve students for years to come.    Mike’s colleague, Monique Wagner describes him as a visionary leader who was also extremely thorough and detailed.  His leadership has helped shape Calgary Christian School through the thoughtful lessons he used to inspire leadership qualities in his staff, “He was excellent at distinguishing leaders amongst his staff and empowering them to do their jobs well. He worked collaboratively with his team and trusted them to help him lead the school. He was able to guide the staff through difficult situations using Biblical principles''. 

Mike feels privileged for his experience working in a wonderfully diverse Division like Palliser.  He would like to thank the staff and faculty of CCES, the many Palliser school administrators that he has worked alongside, as a colleague and as an Area Director, the central office staff, the Senior Administrative Leadership Team, and the Palliser Board, and wishes everyone all the best as they continue to serve in the Division.  

The Palliser Board and Leadership Team wish to thank Mike for his service and dedication.  “Palliser is fortunate to have had Mike in our Division.  He has a strong student-centered approach.  His time with us as a leader benefited our students and staff.  He will be greatly missed”, says Superintendent Dave Driscoll.  The Division wishes him health and happiness as he embarks on new adventures in his retirement.  Congratulations Mike, and enjoy time with your family and friends; greatly deserved.