Rodent control program at several schools begins Friday

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Please be advised, a control program for Richardson ground squirrels, commonly known as gophers, will be conducted during the Easter Break from March 25 to April 1, 2016 in the sports fields and surrounding grounds at:

  • Huntsville School, Iron Springs
  • Barons School, Barons
  • Carmangay Outreach School, Carmangay
  • Noble Central School, Nobleford
  • Coalhurst Elementary School, Coalhurst
  • Coalhurst High School, Coalhurst
  • Champion School, Champion
  • Arrowwood Community School, Arrowwood
  • Possibly at Dorothy Dalgliesh School, Picture Butte

The rodenticide to be used in those areas is Gopher Doom (Chlorophacinone).

Warning signs will be posted in treated areas.

School is not in session during this control program, and you’re asked to keep children and pets away from these areas until the warning signs are removed.

All rodenticide applications will be in strict accordance with all regulations established by the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and rates will be at federally approved label recommendations.