Stay positive for a great school start

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With? ?just? ?two? ?sleeps? ?left? ?before? ?classes? ?resume? ?across? ?Palliser? ?Regional? ?Schools,? ?hopefully parents? ?have? ?already? ?been? ?practising? ?early-to-bed? ?rituals with their kids.? ?A? ?routine? ?that? ?ensures? ?students are? ?well? ?rested? ?for? ?school? ?is? ?important? ?to? ?a? ?successful? ?school? ?start.
However,? ?if? ?a? ?back-to-school? ?bedtime? ?routine? ?still? ?hasn’t? ?happened,? ?parents? ?shouldn’t? ?sweat it? ?too? ?much.

That’s? ?the? ?advice? ?of? ?Palliser? ?Director? ?of? ?Human? ?Resources? ?Mike? ?Nightingale.? ?The? ?father? ?of two? ?who? ?has? ?worked? ?in? ?both? ?elementary? ?and? ?high? ?schools? ?says? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?best? ?things parents? ?can? ?do? ?to? ?support? ?students? ?at? ?this? ?time? ?of? ?year? ?is? ?to? ?stay? ?positive.

“Be? ?a? ?good? ?role? ?model? ?for? ?your? ?children? ?by? ?being? ?positive? ?about? ?school,”? ?he? ?says.? ?“If? ?parents get? ?wound? ?up or anxious,? ?kids? ?pick? ?up? ?on? ?that.”

That’s? ?true? ?for? ?children? ?just? ?starting? ?kindergarten? ?and? ?Grade? ?1,? ?as? ?well? ?as? ?more? ?seasoned students? ?entering? ?high? ?school.? ?At? ?the? ?high? ?school? ?level,? ?students? ?and? ?parents? ?might? ?feel anxious? ?about? ?balancing? ?out? ?course? ?schedules? ?or? ?fitting? ?in? ?the? ?electives? ?they? ?want.  
“There’s? ?a? ?lot? ?of? ?moving? ?parts? ?at? ?the? ?start? ?of? ?the? ?year,”? ?Nightingale? ?says.? ?“Not? ?everyone? ?can get? ?every? ?class? ?they? ?want? ?when? ?they? ?want? ?it,? ?but? ?stay? ?positive? ?about? ?the? ?process.”

At? ?all? ?grade? ?levels,? ?Nightingale? ?encourages? ?parents? ?to? ?take? ?advantage? ?of? ?orientation? ?days, meet? ?the? ?teacher? ?nights? ?and? ?any? ?other? ?opportunities? ?to? ?be? ?part? ?of? ?the? ?school? ?community.? ?Not only? ?does? ?it? ?help? ?build? ?relationships? ?with? ?teachers,? ?but? ?that? ?parental? ?involvement? ?and interest? ?sends? ?a? ?message? ?to? ?students? ?that? ?school? ?is? ?important.? ?Such? ?engagement? ?supports student? ?success.

While? ?Nightingale’s? ?children? ?are always keen? ?to? ?return? ?to? ?school,? ?that? ?may? ?not? ?be? ?true? ?for? ?all students.? ?In? ?that? ?case,? ?talking? ?with? ?your? ?child? ?about? ?their? ?concerns? ?and? ?role-playing situations? ?they’re? ?worried? ?about? ?can? ?help? ?ease? ?anxiety.

For? ?students? ?who? ?will? ?be? ?walking? ?to? ?school,? ?practising the route ?can? ?be? ?wise? ?to? ?ensure? ?the? ?timing is? ?right? ?and? ?the? ?child? ?is? ?confident?.? ?Practising? ?the? ?walk? ?to? ?school? ?is? ?also? ?a? ?great opportunity? ?to? ?discuss? ?safety.

Make? ?a? ?habit? ?of? ?talking? ?about? ?school so you can address any worries and, more importantly, celebrate successes, big and small.

Finally, in addition to ensuring students are well rested so brains are primed for learning, give some thought to the physical fuel your child needs. Nutritious foods have a direct impact on focus and energy.

Alberta Health Services has a number of resources online to support planning nutritious lunches and snacks.

Palliser Regional Schools will welcome 8,300 students to schools from Coaldale to Calgary Tuesday.