Student's Kraft Dinner food drive makes for awesome domino display

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Hear from Cale Warren about his love of dominoes in this 3:31 minute video.

Watch the awesome knockdown from the first domino to the last here.

A Grade 5 student at Champion School rallied his school and his community to donate more than 3,000 boxes of Kraft Dinner to the Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society. In return for the donations, he turned those donations into an awesome 2 ½-minute display.

Using the boxes of macaroni and cheese as dominoes, Cale and a handful of fellow students created an arrangement that began on the stage and covered more than half of the gym floor. With a countdown by a gathering of classmates, teachers and family Thursday afternoon, he put pressure on the first box and let gravity do the rest, with only a few stubborn boxes refusing to fall over.

Click here to watch the knockdown from beginning to end.

Cale led a similar food drive two years ago, collecting 1,464 boxes of Kraft Dinner. He set a goal of 1,500 this year, and was “overwhelmed,” when double that many donations poured in.

He started setting up dominoes Thursday morning before 9 a.m., and was ready to do a final walk-through just after 1 p.m.

He said he hopes others are inspired to use their own interests for a good cause.

“Just take what you like to do and make it into something awesome, like a fundraiser,” he said. “Most people make a boring-draiser. I made mine a fun-draiser.”

Mom Michelle Warren said Cale has been interested in building with dominoes since he was four, and she’s thrilled with the initiative and heart he’s shown.

“Of course, I feel really proud of him,” she said. “He doesn’t do it for the public attention at all.”

She said whenever she’d tell Cale about a new donation coming in, his response was always to think about it in terms of how many meals that would mean for others.

Principal Greg Rollingson said Cale exhibited tremendous leadership and courage in taking on a project of this scale. He said the community of Champion has always been supportive of the school, so it was no surprise it rallied behind Cale’s leadership.

“He’s a tremendous young man,” Rollingson said. “It’s going to be very satisfying when he gets to knock that first domino over and we get to all experience all the work that’s gone into this thing and see the reward.”

Cale’s story captured the attention of Food Banks Canada, which featured him on its blog under the heading “You’re Never Too Young to Make a Difference For Those in Need!”

All 3,084 boxes of donated Kraft Dinner were part of the display. Once the knockdown was done, students and supporters quickly boxed up the food for shipping to the food bank.