It's a win-win on the greens for Kate Andrews, Land-O-Lakes

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Land-O-Lakes owner Dominic Colfi, centre, is surrounded by students from Kate Andrews High Schools PE 20/30 class as they uncovered the greens this past March.

Each semester, the Physical Education 20 and 30 boys from Kate Andrews High School participate in an introduction to golf unit, conducted at Land-O-Lakes Golf Club. The unit has the boys working on the range, chipping and putting greens at Land-O-Lakes on the basic swing and skills of the game. Instruction is provided by Physical Education teacher Terry Hanna, a long-time member of the club. The unit culminates with a round of golf.
The cost of such off-campus activities can be prohibitive for some students, at about $30 per student, but thanks to community partnership and support, the students at Kate Andrews can participate at no cost. With the co-operation of Head Pro Jim Moulton, Head Greenskeeper Dave Overn, Assistant Mark Whitehead and Course Owner Dominic Colfi, students are able to practise and play at the club in return for their help covering and uncovering the greens each fall and spring.
Covering and uncovering the greens is an annual ritual and requirement. In years past, the task fell to the grounds crew, which is at a minimum at these times of the season, with help from volunteer members. The number of volunteers was small as many work during the hours that the greens would be covered or uncovered. Even with those numbers, the task would take a full day or more.
This where the PE 20/30 classes come in. With between 20 and 30 boys being involved, the class is able to help the grounds crew and complete the task in increasingly record times. The boys are happy to help out to repay the generosity of Mr. Colfi and his staff who give students a chance to be introduced to the game.
This co-operative effort has been going for three seasons and staff at Kate Andrews look forward to maintaining the relationship. A special thanks goes out to Mr. Colfi for encouraging the relationship, and for showing his gratitude to the boys in this class.
This year the covering of greens took place on Nov. 7 , and when all was done, Mr. Colfi treated the boys to pizza.
Mr. Hanna extends his thanks to Dom, Jim, Dave, Mark, and all the staff as the spring semester class is looking forward to uncovering the greens sometime in March or April.