Board completes first policy review workshop

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The Board of Trustees completed its first of three, two-day workshops to review policies and address governance issues raised in the organizational review of Palliser Regional Schools.

With facilitator Dr. Terry Weninger, trustees met Feb. 13-14 to begin the process of reviewing and drafting revisions to several policies.

At this session, policies reviewed were:

The board also discussed the creation of new policies on Evaluation of the Board, Evaluation of Individual Trustees, and Evaluation of the Superintendent.

It’s anticipated that Dr. Weninger will incorporate discussion from the working sessions into amended or new policies for further consideration at the next workshops March 14 and 17. Drafts will be posted on the Palliser website Policy Review page and a period of public input will occur.

Public comment is invited at any time during the process. Please use the feedback form on the Policy Review page.

The board will consider stakeholder feedback and may review policies and recirculate subsequent drafts for further input.

Topics for the March workshops, facilitated by Dr. Weninger, tentatively include: board meeting protocol; trustee protocol; public input at board meetings; use of Palliser-owned vehicles; strategic plan development; Policy 5: Role of the Board Chair; Policy 6: Role of the Vice-Chair; and Policy 4: Trustee Code of Ethics.

The policy review process is part of the Board of Trustees’ response to the findings of an organization review of Paliser, received by the board Nov. 3. For more information on the review, please visit our Organizational Review webpage which includes the full report, the executive summary and recommendations and actions taken so far in response.